We’d like to get to know you better, so come take our survey

If you play, read about, or like videogames, then we'd like to hear from you

If you’re reading this, or visit this website with anything approaching any regularity, then the chances are you’ve played at least one game in the past six or so months. If that’s not the case, then perhaps you’ve been to the cinema, or watched a Twitch stream, or maybe just bought some hardware.

If none of that actually applies to you, then I can only assume you’ve stumbled on this article entirely by accident. If you want, you can still do the survey I’m about to tell everyone else about, but I don’t know how much of it will actually apply to you.

If the above questions do apply to you (which I’m hoping is more likely), then we’d love it if you could fill out a quick survey about your gaming habits and preferences. There are also a few questions about your wider consumption of pop culture, and a brief description of an upcoming game to take a look at, but the whole thing should only take about 5-10 minutes to complete.

The survey comes from our parent company, Network N, and the aim is to discover what the users of the network (which means you, if you’re reading this) actually enjoy within the games industry. You can take it below:

If any of you who answered ‘no’ to all my questions above are still here, then thanks for taking the time to read something so utterly irrelevant to your interests.