Neversoft goes out in a blaze of glory. Literally

neversoft activision infinity ward

A couple of months ago Activision said they’d be closing down Neversoft, notably the studio behind the Tony Hawks games, and merging the team with Infinity Ward. Well, yesterday was their last day and they celebrated with fire and big ol’ bowie knives.

Things kicked off with fire. The team set ablaze a model of the studio’s logo, an impaled eyeball:

And, if that weren’t enough of a good bye, the team leads gave every employee a giant knife:

For years now Neversoft’s been used by Activision to bolster other teams and franchises, working on the Call of Duty games and the Guitar Hero series. It’s a shame to see them close their doors but they’ve been without autonomy for a while so it doesn’t mean the end to any of the games they were famous for.