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Neverwinter Halloween horrors only available for one more day

Neverwinter Cryptic Studios Perfect World Entertainment

To celebrate all of hell’s demons spending a night partying in the mortal realm earlier this week the makers of Neverwinter threw a bit of a shindig in their MMO. The Masquerade of Liars Festival saw the Protector’s Enclave decked out in pumpkins, costumes, masks, and Christmas trees.

You’ve still one more day to see it all in action. If that doesn’t float your fancy we’ve been sent a video of what they team are calling Profound Ponderings.

The NPCs are dressed up as some of the game’s most difficult villains, such as Valindra Shadowmantle.

There are a load of cosmetic items that can be earned only during this event.

You can read more about it on the announcement blog post.

As well as a press release detailing the events of the Halloween fair we were recently sent a video inviting us to ponder the origin story of the game’s undead creatures. Coming with the title Profound Ponderings you can be the judge of how much it inspires your old brainbox: