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Neverwinter Shadowmantle slips out of the dark this December

Neverwinter Shadowmantle

Dungeons & Dragons MMO Neverwinter is getting some new gear just in time for Christmas. Like a wonderful Santa jumper, except with a lich on the torso rather than a jolly fat man, the Shadowmantle expansion will get you itching. Itching to kill things, of course. 

Developer Cryptic Studios has cooked up new content in the form of Dread Ring; a dirty field buried deep in Neverwinter Woods. A great but broken structure stands here, and in typical D&D fashion it’s up to no good. “No good” in this instance is ritualistic magic, and it’s all down to that villanous lich Valindra Shadowmantle. As ever, a band of heroes must come together and take down her army. There’s space in the party for a few extra hands, so why not sign up? It’s free to play after all, and chances of death are slim. At least for your actual fleshy self.

The new content not only offers up the Dread Ring environment, but also the Hunter Ranger class, should you wish to roll a new character. If you’d rather stick with your current class, you can get involved with Artifacts and Collections that add a little more complexity to things. All original classes get access to Paragon Paths too for some extra milage.

Alongside this news, publisher Perfect World Entertainment also decided to include this part incredible, part disturbing video, in which they turn a woman into a demon. Devilish.

Neverwinter is free-to-play, and Shadowmantle will be offered as a free expansion to the MMO from December 5th. To play, simply sign up at the official website and download the client.