We’re giving away 100 cloaks to celebrate Neverwinter’s biggest expansion yet

Cloak of the Vine lets you sport a special look for the season

Neverwinter Cloak of the Vine

Neverwinter: Undermountain is the latest and biggest expansion to the Dungeons & Dragons-based MMORPG yet, and it's available on PC right now. As expansions go, it's quite special, so to celebrate it we're holding a giveaway – right here, right now.

What do we have? Up for grabs are 100 limited edition Cloaks of the Vine, which don't grant your adventurer any special abilities, but do look damn stylish with their shiny, emerald swish. You won't be able to get one of these in the game itself, so you'll be part of an exclusive group if you do win. The cloaks are a transmutation that can be applied to any appearance, and only require a free neck slot – you don't have to be a minimum level to wear it, and note that they bound-on-pickup.

You can get a look at the Cloak of the Vine in the image above as well as the one in the widget at the bottom of this article – which is where you can also enter the giveaway. But before we get to that, let's put the focus on Neverwinter: Undermountain for a sec.

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With Undermountain, Neverwinter gets one of the largest dungeons in the game added to it, Faerun. This is where the Mad Mage Halaster hangs out who, as you can in this artwork of him, is an absolute gem of a man. His cloak has eyes and teeth on it, for goodness sake!

The dungeon has five zones and repeatable expedition questions which have the risk/reward system built in. Swanky! Undermountain also brings new class revisions, powers, feats, items, and raises the level cap to 80. Get a look at what else it has to offer in the trailer below.

Now then, let’s get you entered into this giveaway, yes? All you have to do is complete the action available in the widget below. We’ll also need your email address so we can send you a code upon winning – we won’t send you spam, we promise. Please read our terms and conditions before you enter.

Neverwinter Cloak of the Vine giveaway

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