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Neverwinter: Siege of Neverwinter update sees you defend the city from dragon cultists

neverwinter update siege of neverwinter cryptic

For us in the UK summer’s coming to an end and Autumn draws near, in Neverwinter it’s the decidedly toastier Season of Dragons. Technically it’s a season in the sense of a storyline, like a television season, not anything to do with weather or geography. This series of updates has charted the rise of the Cult of the Dragons, a nefarious group who worship big, winged, scaly beasts.

The next stage of the season sees the cultists attack the city of Neverwinter and Cryptic have finally revealed what part you’ll play in its defense.

The siege event starts on 18 September at 10am PDT and runs through till the 25 September.

The siege will take place in multiple stages. The first sees the cultists crack away a great chunk of Neverwinter’s walls. You have to defend the breach from incoming waves, keeping the enemy away from your workers who are repairing the damage.

If successful then the guards will call for a counter attack. It’s your job to kill as many cultists as you can.

Finally, the cultists succeed in summoning a dragon to the battlefield. It lands right in the center of the battle lines. It’s then on you to kill it before it can destroy the city.

Sounds like quite the pressured event.

The update packs lots of rewards for taking part in the siege defense and the you’ll come across two new heroic encounters across the instance.

More details will be revealed on the 17 September when producer Lindsay Haven answers questions via a livestream with the community.