New Astro A40 TR headset due this October, yours for $250/Eur

Astro A40

Astro have earned themselves quite the reputation for putting out top-notch gaming headsets in the last few years. Gaze upon the ears of an eSports competitor, and there’s every chance you’ll see their cans glinting back at your in the gaudy stadium light. It’s exciting news for everyone who cares about precise audio reproduction then that the manufacturer revealed their upcoming A40 TR surround cans.

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Want the nitty gritty details? Depending on exactly how technical you want to get, Astro are happy to oblige. Exact frequency response range figures are yet to be disclosed (the previous model had a 15Hz-28KHz range though so it’d be surprising if they went even further beyond the range of human hearing), but a tuned and tweaked version of that model.

It’s the same open back, over-ear design used previously, which means truer sound, less sweaty ears and a bit more sound bleed for those around you. Not that that’s a problem for you, because you’re a pro gamer, aren’t you? You’re reading this on the way to a photo shoot for a mouse mat endorsement deal in which you’ll wear a polo shirt with your own autograph printed on it.

Here’s the full rundown of features the A40 TR headset boasts:

Compatible with ASTRO Mod Kits, allowing further headset customization for pro tournament and LAN environments

Open back headset for natural sound and less ear fatigue during extended play sessions.

Long-term comfort with over-ear design and swappable cloth ear cushions and headband

Highly accurate swappable boom mic

Swappable speaker tags with online customization featuring numerous game and lifestyle licensed editions

And here’s the spec sheet for the accompanying Mixamp Pro TR soundcard:

Powerful new software customization tool, ASTRO Command Center software allowing for the tuning of every input and output level and other detailed settings to optimize the experience for every environment

All digital circuitry for interference free gaming and >1ms delay time

Game:Voice balancing now works on PC just like it does on console

Digital Daisy chaining via firewire connection for completely lag-free local voice comms

Customizable Stream Output allows full control over what your audience hears

Stream output can be configured to output 2-channel Dolby Headphone Surround encoded game sound.

AUX input now allows for in and out, so you can answer calls and talk back, all while in a gaming session.

Supports firmware updates for feature additions and bug fixes

Works with every ASTRO headset ever produced

The A40 TR and Mixamp Pro TR will both be released this October, priced at $250/Euros for both.