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New Batman Arkham game logo revealed

WB Montreal is doing everything short of announcing the Batman Arkham sequel

A new follow-up to the Batman Arkham series is coming from WB Montreal, the studio which previously released the prequel Arkham Origins in 2013. This new game has yet to be officially announced, but the developer has continued to tease its reveal on social media over the past several months – and now another set of teasers has shown us a logo for the game.

You can see the full logo above, but it comes from three separate images posted to official accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Batman lorehounds have yet to nail down exactly what this logo represents, and the guesses so far are pretty self-explanatory. It’s an official-looking emblem, likely related to a government or government-like organisation – though that could mean anything from the Gotham City Police Department to the Court of Owls.

The pieces of the logo come with the subtitle “capture the Knight,” as have previous teasers for the new Batman game. Unconfirmed rumours have pointed to the Court of Owls having a heavy presence here, but the only clear thing in the old teasers seems to be a reference to Ra’s al Ghul.

All these teasers seem to point to an imminent announcement, but it’s seemed that way since at least September 2019 – and we’ve watched multiple State of Play and Inside Xbox events along with The Game Awards pass without a word. I’d say it’d be safe to expect an announcement either at or before E3 2020 in June, but at this point I’m not certain of anything.

At the same time, Rocksteady – the developers of the core Batman Arkham Trilogy – has been keeping even quieter on its project. Rocksteady’s new game is unlikely to be a Batman game, and the devs have repeatedly said it’s not Superman, either. Whatever it is, it’s about to join the new Batman among the most anticipated upcoming PC games of the foreseeable future.