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New Black Mesa Source video shows off ‘On Rails’


For a while there, it seemed like Black Mesa Source was going to be beaten to release by Half Life 3, and we’d all make some jokes about Valve time transferring by osmosis. But the team behind rebuilding the entirety of Valve’s first game in the Source engine actually seem to be getting somewhere close to maybe possibly releasing it at some point in the future. 
At the very least, they’ve got most of one level built. The On Rails level where you’re on what I half remember is some sort of minecart, shooting dudes on other minecarts. There was some sort of physics puzzle with a giant alien at some point? I don’t know. 1998 was a long time ago.

The video’s below, and is looking mighty impressive, especially considering there’s no actual porting going on, instead every texture, voice file and game system is being lovingly recreated by the team so that it walks and talks like Half Life, but actually is Half Life’s fitter, younger, prettier son, treading in its father’s shoes.