New Defiance trailer demonstrates “Massive co-op,” everything explodes


If I were to describe the trailer in just one word, that word would would be “chaotic,” although we don’t get to see too much as the whole thing only clocks in at just 71 seconds. Still, it doesn’t skimp on scale, giving us a glimpse of more than a few big guns, several oversized aliens and even some giant robots. It also includes a battle charge that features so many strangely-costumed warriors that I thought for a moment I was watching a fun run.

There’s also some sort of robo worm, the ruins of what seems to be the Golden Gate Bridge, some lightning, souped-up pickup trucks and… Well, why don’t you just watch it for yourself?

Defiance is a sci-fi MMO which will be run in conjunction with a TV show of the same name. Developers Trion are taking signups for the coming beta, which begins on January 18.