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A new RPG from Obsidian and the creators of Fallout will debut at The Game Awards

Some of the creators of the original Fallout are working on a new RPG at Obsidian, and it will debut at The Game Awards

Obsidian has a new RPG coming, and it will make its worldwide debut at The Game Awards next week. While Obsidian is now under the Microsoft umbrella, this game is part of an existing with Take-Two’s Private Division label. Details on the game are scant, but it will be a new IP from two of the people who brought the original Fallout to life.

The studio’s website now hosts a countdown to The Game Awards, along with some advertisements from fictional companies. There’s Spacer’s Choice, which wants you to buy some sort of ray gun, and Auntie Cleo’s, which offers an array of ointments, creams, and breads.

Both ads on the official website fit right in with the kitschy retro-future aesthetic Fallout is known for. Director Tim Cain and art director Leonard Boyarsky worked together on Fallout 1 and 2, and they announced last year that they would reunite at Obsidian to work on a new RPG in a new setting.

“I missed working on single-player, in-depth RPGs with a lot of choice, consequence, and reactivity,” Boyarsky told Game Informer last December. “I like making other types of games, but there is something special about the kind of games we started with Fallout that really appeals to us and speaks to us creatively.”

Cain added in the same interview that “if people have liked our previous RPGs they’re going to like this one in terms of how we make reactive worlds and especially our style of humor.”

Obsidian itself has plenty of experience with Fallout, too. New Vegas is the single representative of the series on our list of the best RPGs on PC, and it’s the most widely beloved take on the post apocalypse since the originals.

That’s one of “more than 10 new games” set to be among the announcements at The Game Awards 2018. Another likely suspect is Alien: Blackout, the rumoured title of a triple-A shooter in the Alien franchise confirmed to be in development at FoxNext Games. Next week’s show looks to be a promising one for major announcements.