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New screenshots and facts from Turbine on Lord of the Rings: Online expansion Riders of Rohan

Lord of the Rings Online

It is the lot of every one of Lord of the Rings: Online’s several million heroes to follow always one tear-soaked step behind the Fellowship, chasing up the mess left in the chosen few’s wake like litter-pickers, or journalists.

LOTRO’s upcoming Riders of Rohan expansion introduces a new chapter in this post-Epic Story, as well as horseback fighting and a new level cap.

“Riders of Rohan increases the level cap to 85 and introduces Mounted Combat to the game,” say Warner Bros. “Players can now take up arms alongside the lords of Rohan and ride their own custom steed in pursuit of Uruks and Orcs that are terrorizing townships and travelers.

“Rebuild and reclaim supplies for the small outposts and towns throughout the countryside, discover what happened to the Fellowship and stand in service to Éomer, Third Marshal of the Mark, as he seeks to counter the dangers that beset the Riddermark.”

New screenshots lurk beneath. Tell me – does Rohan-city Edoras look like Skyrim’s Whiterun, or is it the other way around?