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New weekend plans: grab Lost Vikings and Rock N’ Roll Racing from Battle.net for free

Lost Vikings and Rock n' Roll Racing free on Battle.net

Blizzard has delved into the more dusty, cobweb-filled part of its library and brought out two classic games, back from when Blizzard was still known as Silicon & Synapse. The Lost Vikings and Rock N’ Roll Racing have both been brought out of retirement, and best of all, you won’t have to spend a penny to play them. 

Both can be downloaded from the Battle.net account page or here if you don’t have an account. If you do grab them from your account page, switch the region to Americas, no matter what region you’re actually in. 

The Lost Vikings is just great. Time travelling vikings is, I think, descriptive to make you download it. But if you need more, it’s also a devilishly clever multi-character puzzle game, where each Viking’s skills need to be employed in tandem to complete the 2D levels.

Olaf, Erik and Baelog even made it into World of Warcraft, and you can still find them hanging out around Uldaman. And at least one of them needs to be in Heroes of the Storm. It must be done.

Rock N’ Roll Racing is a long way away from Viking adventures. It’s an intergalactic isometric racing game where violence against other drivers is encouraged. And it’s got cracking music and brilliant commentary: “Let the carnage begin!”

You can even find Lost Viking’s Olaf, and play with him after a wee bit of cheating. Here’s a video of Olaf driving around while listening to a spot of Black Sabbath:

Two great games for bugger all. Just in time for a nostalgic weekend.

Cheers, Blizzpro.