New World fiber: the best hemp location and how to get linen

The best place to farm hemp and increase your harvesting level quickly

Want to know how to get hemp in New World to get fiber and linen? Hemp is a valuable resource to gather, and not just for increasing your gathering levels. You can weave hemp into linen to level up your weaving skill, and you can use the linen to make clothes and armour. This is a skill you’ll use early on, so if you’re new to the MMO game, why not check out our New World beginner’s guide for some tips to get you started.

Gathering skills are an important part of the game, and you should start leveling them early – you can find out more about this in our New World leveling guide. While you could theoretically go harvest herbs and farm plants to increase your harvesting skill easily, hemp gives you a great amount of early harvesting level experience. You need to increase your harvesting skill significantly to harvest some of the more unusual flora, so it’s well worth investing in this skill as soon as possible.

While you could aimlessly wander around the world trying to find the best place to go and gather these tall violet plants, there is one farming location that yields a significant amount of this precious crop. This guide will show you the best New World hemp location.

How to get linen in New World

In order to make linen, you need four fibers, gathered from hemp plants in the wilderness. Gathering fibers is as simple as making a sickle. To refine the fibers into linen, find a loom at your nearest settlement. Anyone can make linen as it’s a level 0 recipe.

An orange circle highlighting the best New World hemp location to farm for fiber and linen.

New World best hemp location

The best place to farm hemp in New World is in Primrose. This is west of Windsward and east of the Fast Travel shrine near the old man. If you circle around Primrose, you can gather more than enough hemp, and by the time you return to a previously gathered spot, the hemp will have respawned. Unless, of course, there are rival hemp farmers about, in which case you may want to try out New World PvP and chase them off.

You can also get hemp by opening the map (M key by default), then click Resource Locations on the left bar to display all the regions with hemp in it.

Once you reach harvesting level 25, you unlock the ability to track hemp on your map, so you can collect it as you roam across Aeternum. Before long, you’ll have gathered enough hemp to increase your harvesting level to the point where you can pick up some more exotic resources.

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