New World housing – storage, furniture, and how to buy a house

How to buy a house, craft storage furniture, and raise furnishing levels in New World

A New World house in a village

New World housing is a multifaceted system that lets you leave your mark on Aeturnum’s settlements, but there’s more to housing than just building your dream pad. Housing provides fast travel benefits and a place for your pets to call home, and it also gives you extra storage once you reach the right crafting levels.

You’ll need to work on raising Territory Standing before the first housing level unlocks, and it might be worth switching New World factions if you’re perpetually short on cash. Factions determine how much you pay in taxes, and bigger factions usually have lower tax rates in their territories.

Unlike in real life, there’s no potential to play the real estate market and invest in properties in this new MMO, or not yet at least. If you don’t want your house anymore, your only choice is to abandon it. Think carefully about where you want to live before spending your hard-earned cash. Our housing guide covers how to buy a house, what benefits each tier offers, and how to get extra storage.

How to Buy a House in New World

You’ll see plenty of available properties in settlements across Aeturnum, but they’re out of reach until you meet certain requirements. The primary one is raising your Territory Standing to ten in the settlement where you want to live. You also need to pay for the house and ensure you can cover the weekly property tax costs.

Sitting by the fire in a house in New World

Here’s what each house tier costs and what you get from it:

Tier I

  • Cost: 5,000
  • Minimum tax: 250
  • Fast travel cooldown: 4 hours
  • Storage furniture limit: 1
  • Maximum pets: 5
  • Maximum lights: 4
  • Standing requirement: 10

Tier II

  • Cost: 10,000
  • Minimum tax: 500
  • Fast travel cooldown: 3 hours
  • Storage furniture limit: 2
  • Maximum pets: 6
  • Maximum lights: 6
  • Standing requirement: 15

Tier III

  • Cost: 15,000
  • Minimum tax: 750
  • Fast travel cooldown: 2.5 hours
  • Storage furniture limit: 3
  • Maximum pets: 7
  • Maximum lights: 8
  • Standing requirement: 20

Tier IV

  • Cost: 20,000
  • Minimum tax: 1,000
  • Fast travel cooldown: 2 hours
  • Storage furniture limit: 4
  • Maximum pets: 8
  • Maximum lights: 10
  • Standing requirement: 80

New World gives you a 50% discount on your first house as well, but there are a few other factors to consider before plunking down your gold.

Houses act like Inns and let you register them as New World fast travel locations, so it’s worth considering whether you want a central location or if you need an easy way to reach a distant settlement fast. Wherever you go, you’ll only have access to housing in territories your faction controls, and only basic houses at first.

The outside of a house in New World

Raising your Territory Standing unlocks higher housing tiers, with more elaborate layouts. Unless you’re desperate for storage, it might be worth raising your standing and using the 50% discount on a more expensive house.

Getting in early and working your way up won’t be more lucrative in the long run. While Aeturnum is likely to get more crowded as more people flock to the game, New World doesn’t let you sell houses just yet. You can only abandon an unwanted house, and you’re limited to owning three at a time for now.

New World property tax menu

New World Property Taxes

Faction governments determine a territory’s taxes, both for property and trading posts. These are deducted from your wallet each week, though the first-time buyer’s bonus also reduces taxes on that property by half. You can reduce taxes by raising Territory Standing even further, and by having your company govern the settlement.

Note, that while every housing tier has a minimum property tax amount, individual governors can change them at will. Your settlement’s tax could be much higher.

New World Storage Furniture

Aside from pets and decorating, the biggest draw of New World housing is storage. So far, there are only two types of New World storage furniture, but they make a significant difference in your inventory management.

Hewn Log Storage Chest

  • Tier I
  • Furnishing Level: 35
  • Storage: 200

Iron Storage Chest

  • Tier II
  • Furnishing Level 85
  • Storage: 300

The interior of a house in New World

How to Raise Furnishing Level Fast

You can raise your furnishing level the same as other crafting and gathering skills, by making the items in question. However, there is a handy trick to raise it faster. Crafting low-tier items uses fewer materials, and depending on your level, still offers enough XP.

For the first 50 furnishing levels, focus on crafting Warm Iron Sconce – Bright. Here’s the recipe:

  • 15x timber
  • 5x iron ingot
  • 5x oil

All of these are easy to find, and raise your other skills in the process. Whether you focus on one item or several, make sure to sell what you don’t want at New World trading posts for some extra cash.

Once you’re fully rested, it’s time to head back into the wild. If you need some additional help surviving Aeturnum’s dangers, our New World PvP builds guide should come in handy. The Amrine Excavation and Starstone Barrows expeditions are a good way to earn more money and acquire some of the best New World weapons.