How to make money at New World trading posts

Two methods for farming coins to make a fortune

A house kitted out with all sorts of rare items thanks to making lots of money at New World trading posts.

Want to know the best way to make money in New World? In MMOs such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, and Final Fantasy XIV, making vast sums of coin fast takes a bit of time and effort. While there is no way to create a massive pile of coins to swim in (like Scrooge McDuck in DuckTales), you can always buy a big ol’ house and fill it with all sorts of fancy furniture.

New World houses are not the only thing you can buy with tons of cash. If you want to craft the best New World weapons, you have to spend some coin on specific resources at any town’s trading post – which are shops where players can sell their unwanted equipment and desirable resources to make a profit. There are a couple of ways to make a fortune in New World, and while they’re both straightforward to execute, you also need to spend some time doing some rather mundane tasks.

Another way to obtain coins is from quests, so if you get bored of the more repetitive methods outlined below, you can always opt to finish tasks given to you by the townsfolk in each of the towns.

Buy and sell Runes of Holding

While the faction missions themselves don’t reward you with a lot of coins, you gain a sizeable amount of tokens after completing each one. When you’ve saved up enough tokens, click on the Buy Rewards button while speaking to your New World faction leader to bring up the rewards shop.

Four adventurers standing in a line, waiting to proceed with a New World faction mission to buy Runes of Holding.

Inside, you’ll find many weapons and armour, but that’s not what makes the most money. The most valuable items are the Runes of Holding that require both tokens and coins to buy. You can use these runes to make better bags. To get better quality runes, you need to increase your rank in your faction by completing faction quests:

  • Minor Rune of Holding – rank 1
  • Major Rune of Holding – rank 2
  • Greater Rune of Holding – rank 3
  • Grand Rune of Holding – rank 4

While the overall selling price of these items fluctuates between towns and even servers, there’s a good chance you can make a profit on Runes of Holding. The idea is to buy Minor Runes of Holding, put them up for sale in the trading posts, and then accept some faction missions while you wait for the runes to sell. Runes of Holding at higher faction ranks sell for far more coins but require more time to earn faction tokens.

Several people are crafting items to sell at the Windsward trading post in New World.

Selling resources at New World trading posts

The local economy is subject to constant change, so to make as many coins as possible, frequently check the prices for resources at trading posts and then note down which resources go for the most. If herb-roasted potatoes are in high demand, and you’re a skilled enough chef to prepare them, you’re in the money. Trading posts are now linked across settlements, so you don’t have to travel far to get the best price.

Our recommendation early on is to level up the New World fishing trade skill. If you salvage a fish, you’ll get fish fillets and potentially some fish oil too. You can also sell rawhide (which you can skin from animals), and flint (which you can pick up from anywhere) as people will want to get lots of raw resources to refine. Common and Strong Health potions can also bring in lots of gold.

To get the most desirable resources, you’ll need to spend some time gathering items to gain trade skill levels. You can check out our New World leveling guide on how to do this efficiently. If you look at the map and select the ‘resource locations’ option, you get a table that shows where some of the materials are. If you can, try to equip tools and bags with perks, as they can help gather experience, reduce the weight of resources, and more.

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As you invest more time leveling up each of these trade skills, keep an eye on the trading posts to see which resources are selling for the most coin.

With these tips, you should get rich in New World in no time. Since you’re here, you may wish to learn more about New World PvP and which builds you should spend your money on. If you’re looking for some builds, we have a selection of the best ones available, from the best New World tank build to the best New World fire staff build. If you’re finding it hard to get into the game, check out our New World server transfers guide to learn how to migrate to a new server.