New World petrified wood – how to increase logging luck

How to get petrified wood in New World

A character chopping down a tree in a forest in New World

Looking for petrified wood in New World? Petrified wood is an extremely rare resource, but can be used to fashion the best New World weapons. Similar to fae iron in New World, finding petrified wood is largely down to luck, but there are a few things you can do to increase your chances.

Petrified wood is described as “wood so old it takes on the properties of stone” and is a tier two wood type. It’s worth noting that a lot of New World players are struggling to find this rare material, but you can increase your logging skill and logging luck to give yourself a better chance. You can level up in logging like any gathering skill, by using the skill as much as possible, but putting points into the constitution attribute also helps speed up the process by increasing wood chopping speed and the logging yield.

Here’s how to find this elusive resource, as well as how to increase your logging luck by using items and charms in the crafting process, including food recipes to temporarily boost your chances while logging.

How to find petrified wood in New World

Petrified wood can drop from small or large cacti, or any tree of any size; here’s the full list:

  • Young tree
  • Mature tree
  • Dead tree
  • Stump
  • Cactus

Trees can be found anywhere on the New World map, apart from the obvious places like beaches, quarries, and specific landmarks.

Petrified wood also drops from wooden wolves in the southeast corner of Brightwood, but requires level 100 logging to harvest.

How to increase your logging luck in New World

To increase your logging luck, use a charm or item while crafting to modify your axe. This applies a perk that scales with your gear score to give you a higher chance of finding rare items. Steel Lumberjack’s Charm also provides Lumberjack’s Discipline, which helps you to gain logging experience. Here are all the items you can equip to gain logging luck:

  • Vial of Sap
  • Draught of Sap
  • Starmetal Lumberjack’s Charm
  • Orichalcum Lumberjack’s Charm

You can also temporarily boost your logging luck by consuming either roast (20 minutes) or boiled (25 minutes) cabbage, but you need to be at level 10 and level 20 cooking respectively.

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