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New World PvP arenas offer unique new rewards

The New World PvP arenas are here, along with a brand new PvP rewards track with its own rewards, progression, and currency to collect

New World PvP arenas: A warrior in gold armour and a crown hefts a massive twin-headed battle axe as his opponent leaps toward him with a gilded purple mace

A new battle system has arrived in MMORPG New World, all centred around PvP. As promised on the New World roadmap, The New World PvP arenas and the new PvP rewards track, which offers unique rewards for engaging in a bit of player-on-player brawling.

The new Arena is a team-based mode where two teams of three battle it out in a best-of-five series of bouts. Each round is set to last two minutes, at which point a burning ring of fire begins to close on the arena and push players together until one team is eliminated. It’s available from anywhere in Aeternum from the modes menu, but Amazon Games says you can get a quick rundown of the mode by visiting Maximus Marcellus in Everfall.

The new Arenas mode, as well as other PvP modes like Wars and Outpost Rush, all feed into New World’s new PvP rewards system. This is a separate rewards track that has its own unique prizes, including new weapons, gear, emotes, and more. Other PvP activities, such as hunting down flagged players and capturing forts, also contribute to the new track.

You’ll earn a new currency called Azoth salt while engaged in PvP. That’s separate from the experience points you’ll earn in each activity, which advances you through the track. Azoth salt, instead, is used to purchase the rewards that become available at specific PvP experience thresholds.

Each time you hit one, you’ll get rolls for three tier-specific items, and you can choose to buy one of them using your collected Azoth salt. These rewards are only available on the PvP track, so you’ll have to go fight club style if you want them. You’ll also only get rewards that are suitable for your character’s progression level, so you won’t risk picking up something you can’t use or that is too basic to be of any use.

If you’re ready to really master the blade, other rewards are in store. After completing 20 rotations of the PvP track, you’ll start seeing prestige equipment pop up in your rewards rolls. These will have a few pre-determined perks, as well as an automatic 600 gear score, no matter what your expertise level is – however, you’ll need to be level 60 for these.