The best New World rivercress and petal cap locations

Here's where to find rivercress stems and petal caps for the Weakness of the Ego quest

A mystical plant in a field in New World

If you’re looking for rivercress in New World, then luckily this magical plant is fairly easy to locate – the clue is in the name. That’s right, rivercress can be found near rivers and waterfalls; they are a pale, luminescent blue plant, with a floating, bubble-like body.

If you’re currently on the Weakness of the Ego quest, you need to collect rivercress stems – rivercress can be farmed for stems, leaves, flowers, and water motes. To harvest rivercress you need to be harvesting skill level 30 or higher and have a sickle equipped.

For the same quest, you also need to find petal cap locations in New World – these can be found by harvesting (at any level) fronded petalcaps, which look like a cluster of unripe bananas with a glowing sprig sticking out the middle. Petal caps can also be used to craft potions, corruption tinctures, and dyes. Here’s where to find both rivercress and petal caps in New World for the Weakness of the Ego quest.

Where can rivercress stems be found in New World?

The best place to find rivercress is in Windsward and Everfall. You should also check out the best fishing hotspots in New World as they can be found around the edge of most lakes and rivers.

A character crouching next to a unique, magical plant in New World

Where can petalcaps be found in New World?

The best place to find petal caps is in woodland areas. If you’re in Windsward obtaining rivercress, this is also where you can find the most petal caps.

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There’s a river running just north of Fort Windsward where you can find both rivercress and fronded petalcaps. To fast travel to these locations, check out our New World fast travel locations guide, and the best weapons in New World to fend off enemies and take the plants for yourself.