Wreckfest adds lawnmower racing with rag-doll pilots, world finally at peace


Bugbear have chosen an odd new sport to bring to Wreckfest, their destruction-focused racer. Lawnmowers are the latest “car” type to be added, letting you dash around in the swaggiest of open-topped vehicles and be thrown from it in ever more entertaining, deadly ways. It comes as part of a larger patch adding a number of new things to the Early Access game.

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Along with the aforementioned sweet new rides, the patch came with a number of improvements and additions. Here’s the highlights:

  • Physics improvements, more realistic geometry dynamics.
  • Improved visual damage accuracy and realism, cars now deform more like they’re made of sheet metal instead of paper or plastic.
  • Implemented basic anti-hacking measures: The game now detects in case there are modified or additional files in sensitive data folders, excluding art. In case modded content is is detected leaderboards are disabled. Multiplayer requires that the server and clients have the same modified files.
  • Added a new game mode: Sprint Cup, consisting of 3 heats of 2 lap races.
  • Added basic part durability mechanic: parts now wear with use, lowering performance.
  • Implemented a new (placeholder) upgrading menu.
  • Added a whole host of new vehicle parts.
  • Implemented a placeholder marketplace.
  • Added a new race track: Mixed 1.
  • Added a new race track: Tarmac 2.

A batch of hotfixes have been applied since the patch went live last week, fixing bugs of all sizes, from crashes to graphical glitches. Nothing was wrong with the lawn-mowers, of course, they were perfect from their first moment on this digital Earth and will remain so for the rest of time. Has anyone experienced their glory in person yet? Are they everything I’m dreaming of or, could it be, more?