Community fixes Nier: Automata – here’s a patch for the frame rate and resolution

"There, there. Who's a good drone?"

Nier: Automata launched last week, and while it’s been well-received in many ways, the technical side of things does leave a bit to be desired. One of the many perks of being on PC, though, is that we don’t always have to wait for the devs to sort this kind of thing.

So what’s the verdict? We were pretty impressed. Find out why in our Nier: Automata review

Steam user Kaldaien has written a fix for a bug that prevents the game from rendering at your native resolution, and reportedly boosts frame rates.

We haven’t tested it ourselves, but a number of users on the related Reddit thread claim great results. Mrfishstickreportsit took his 970 from 35 FPS at 1440p up to the high 50s, while original poster skyline385 says he went from 45FPS on the lowest settings and a 980M, to 60FPS with everything maxed out (but he had to do without anti-aliasing).

If you’re interested, here’s Kaldaien’s post on Steam. It includes the files for download, an automatic installer, and full notes.

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