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Nier: Automata gets new action-packed trailer but still silence regarding a PC release date

Nier Automata Machine War

Square Enix have released a new trailer for Nier: Automata, shedding light on androids 2B, 9S and A2, as well as showing more action-packed fights from the full game. Nier: Automata recently went gold, meaning that the game’s console release is locked in for March 7 for North America and March 10, yet we still have no concrete news on the game’s PC launch.

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Showing specific story moments as the androids fight for mankind, this trailer reveals some of the foes you will be facing during Nier: Automata. You’ve got the giant chainsaw wielding Goliath seen in the console demo, a huge mechanised sand worm, a small squad of mechanical soldiers lead by what looks like a rogue android, a cackling twin headed robot along with two white haired chaps called Adam and Eve.

The last two seem very important to the story, possibly being the pair of the last remaining humans left on Earth after the machines took over. Whatever their allegiance, they certainly don’t look that friendly, as seen by the angry panting and glowing red eyes at the end of the trailer.

The English voice acting in the trailer is suitably melodramatic, perfect for a game where robots with giant swords fight topless pretty boys on a doomed Earth. For all the madness, it’s pretty tame compared to other games that PlatinumGames has worked on, where gods get punched into the Sun or galaxy destroying warlords fight teams of multi-coloured superheroes.

The most worrying thing about the trailer is the continued lack of information about the PC version of Nier: Automata. The PC version isn’t even mentioned in the promotional material at the very end of the trailer, and the official website doesn’t even list the PC version. It is still available for pre-order via the North American Square Enix store but the constant silence on the PC port is troubling. Hopefully, Square Enix will release a statement soon, as we are get ever closer to the console release.