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Nier: Automata trailer has surprise PC release date, quickly removed and probably wrong

Nier Automata Machine War

Nier: Automata’s PlayStation 4 launch is just around the corner, but there’s still no word on its PC release. Still, we can make the wait even more unbearable by watching the new combat trailer embedded above. 

Once we do have a date, we’ll update our upcoming PC games list. 

The trailer showcases the game’s slick, hyper-fast melee combat, showing off the four weapon types available in the action RPG: short swords, longswords, spears, and combat bracers – essentially big metal gloves for punching robots.

Complementing these weapons is your Pod, a drone-like robot that handles all your projectiles. Sometimes the action even switches to a top-down view and it becomes a twin-stick shooter, so you’ll need to make use of all of your arsenal to succeed.

You’ll also be able to unlock new skills and upgrades for weapons, so expect your moveset to get more complex as you progress.

When the trailer went live earlier, it did so with a Steam release date: March 10. The PlayStation 4 date was set for March 7. Incidentally, March 7 is the US release date on PS4, while March 10 is the Europe release date, so it looks like someone at Square Enix made a little boo boo.

That version of the trailer has now been nuked from existence, so don’t get your hopes up for a PC version landing with the console edition. We’ve emailed Square Enix, but they probably won’t tell us anything, as they clearly aren’t ready to announce the PC date just yet.