Nier: Automata’s Steam version is getting an upgrade

"We'll have more information to share with you at a later date"

2B and 9S walk through the wreckage of Nier: Automata

Square Enix is giving Nier: Automata‘s Steam version some TLC. The publisher took to Twitter to tell fans that an “upgrade patch” for the sombre RPG is currently in development. That’s all the details we have right now, but Square Enix says it’ll have more information to share with you at a “later date”.

This all follows Nier: Automata’s Become As Gods edition coming to Game Pass on PC after being available on Xbox One. Fans reckon it’s a much better version of the game on Steam, so they started review bombing the one that’s available on Valve’s storefront.

When the game was initially released in 2017, people came across UI problems, awkward controls, a locked framerate, and other issues. As such, a mod called Fix Automata Resolution swiftly became the recommended way to play one of Yoko Taro’s best games on PC. The Become as Gods version that Game Pass has got, meanwhile, comes with a borderless window mode, runs smoother, and has upscaled textures, which the Steam version owners would quite like.

While it’s hard to say how much better the Game Pass version is than the Steam version, the topic will hopefully become obsolete when Nier: Automata gets its upgrade. We don’t currently know what the upgrade will entail, but it’ll likely follow the same line of thought we’ve seen from modders.

You can catch the 2018 release trailer from when the Become As Gods edition first came out on Xbox One right here:

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Later this month, the original Nier is heading to Steam with a new lick of paint. The inspiration for the version we’re getting was initially released ten years ago as a Japan-exclusive version of Nier Gestalt. It was a PlayStation 3 exclusive, too, so it’s not easy to come across.

Ian gave it a whirl and found it to be “a curious throwback to a bygone era”. In his Nier Replicant preview, he found it to be “fascinating but faded” as “Replicant is less of what made Automata great”.

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