Inexplicably, Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition is coming to Steam on August 15

Night Trap

Night Trap is one of those games that really should have been forgotten by now. A hammy FMV game about vampires stalking a bunch of girls, the only reason it’s still remembered is for being one of the games that inspired the ESRB rating system, and maybe for being pretty bad.

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And yet here we are, 25 years later, only a couple of weeks away from a re-release. If you managed to avoid it the first time around, you’ll be able to get Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition on August 15.

If you’ve never heard of Night Trap, you’re good and pure, but here’s what you’ve not really missed out on: You play a member of the Sega Control Attack Team (it’s now Special instead of Sega), tasked with saving a group of girls from Augurs, the aforementioned vampires, when they’re staying in a house where five teenage girls have already gone missing. You protect them by spying on them and activating traps. It’s dull, plagued with terrible acting, and even the elements that were once controversial now seem tame.

Night Trap’s return isn’t an example of nostalgia gone out of control, though. Despite a 2014 Kickstarter campaignto remaster it- which failed – I don’t think there are many people clamouring for this vintage disaster.

The remaster comes with two deleted scenes, documentaries, a mode that allows you to watch all the story stuff as if you were watching an awful movie and a new mode, Survivor, that will focus on trapping intruders.

If you’re a glutton for bad interactive movies, Night Trap will launch on Steam next month.