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Ninja’s getting his own toy line

The battle royale streamer is getting his own line of figurines, with more streamers to follow soon

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Thanks to Fortnite, one streamer in particular has been transformed into a household name. Epic’s battle royale helped Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins become one of the most popular broadcasters in the world. He’s popped up almost everywhere, from Times Square to the Superbowl, and now he’s getting his own toy line.

The figurines are being unveiled at a series of toy fairs across the world. A series of two-inch figurines based on Ninja and his channel emotes will come in “blind boxes.” You’ll also be able to pick up larger vinyls, plushes, and even headwear featuring a headband and blue hair.

By the sounds of things, however, that won’t be an exhaustive list. As well as all of those figures, Engadget reports that the line will also feature games and other items when it releases in the autumn, but Ninja won’t be the only streamer to get a set of toys. Wicked Cool Toys, the company behind the line, is also planning a set of augmented reality toys featuring several other influencers.

The AR toys will come with QR codes that unlock virtual experiences attached to Ninja, Lirik, Summit1G and Tim the Tat Man. Those toys don’t have a release date, but if the first line isn’t due out until later this year, I’d imagine we won’t see the second line until 2020.

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While Fortnite might have been Ninja’s bread and butter for the past year or so, he’s currently streaming a new battle royale – and is doing pretty well. His team won the first Apex Legends tournament by a single point last week. Meanwhile, I’m out here barely able to get a kill, but I guess that’s why I don’t have my own set of action figures.