Nintendo aren’t interested in putting games on PC at all

Nintendo Joy-Con

If you had told me when I was a child that you’d be able to play Sonic on PC, I would have told you you were mad. Yet here we are – it’s 2017 and Sega have fully embraced PC, with pledges to port as many franchises as they can to our 4K-capable towers. 

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Despite the renewed interest in PC from all angles, it doesn’t look like Nintendo will be changing their stance on our platform any time soon, even though they have been dipping their toes into mobile gaming over the past year or so.

Nintendo clarified their stance in a recent shareholders Q&A.

“We are aware that many consumers play PC games. However, we believe that the integrated hardware-software business is the best way for us to provide the surprises and new gameplay experiences that we want to achieve,” president Tatsumi Kimishima explains.

Their focus in currently on the Switch, their other handheld consoles, and mobile. PC is about as un-mobile as you can get, I guess. Famous Nintendo creative Shigeru Miyamoto isn’t sold on PC, either. Instead of looking at install-base he, instead, gave an anecdote based on the E3 show floor.

“In the past I have seen a number of exhibition booths at E3 where dozens of PCs lined the hall for consumers to try out network experiences,” he says. “However, at E3 this year, there were not many gaming PC exhibits or VR exhibits, which captured significant attention last year. I feel as if this environment allowed the attendees to see Nintendo anew as a company offering consumer-oriented dedicated video game systems.”

They clearly don’t want to risk eating into sales of their consoles at this point, but who knows what the future holds, eh, Sonic?

Thanks, Gamasutra.