Simon Miller reviews the Nintendo Switch: not as good as the PC/10

nintendo switch review

Small things are worse than big things – that’s the simple but irrefutable truth that resident lean protein enthusiast Simon Miller uses to prove that the Nintendo Switch is just reconstituted garbage. Just look at the evidence: Arnold Schwarzenegger is a big thing and he’s great. Need more proof that the PC is infinitely superior to Nintendo’s latest console? How about the fact that if you take it out of its dock it can only support 720p? When was the last time you saw anything in 720p? Never is when, because you’re a PC gamer.

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Yes, for once Simon Miller is on our side, so sit back, relish the moment and try to shrug off the occasional moments where he insults you and the hobby you love. He’s trying, honestly, he is. Anyway, here’s his totally serious review for the Nintendo Switch. Long story short: it’s for babies and the PC is better in every conceivable way.

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