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Nioh 2’s latest PC patch has been causing crashes

Patches have added DLSS, keyboard and mouse prompts, and also crashes apparently

Demon-infused Soulslike Nioh 2 has proven popular on PC, but its Steam launch has been plagued with a parade of technical issues. While developer Team Ninja has added in missing keyboard and mouse prompts and DLSS tech to buoy sluggish framerates, the latest patch seems to have added something unintentional – crashes. Now the developer says it’s looking into the source of the problem, but there’s no solution in sight as yet.

As VG24/7 has noted, the Steam discussion forum for Nioh 2 is rife with posts from players frustrated that the RPG game has been crashing frequently since 1.27 – something most users say wasn’t a problem prior to that update. Players say they’re running into a persistent crash on the results screen that pops up when they finish one of Nioh 2’s missions. Some have tried fresh installs, but have reported that this has not fixed the issue.

Replying to Team Ninja’s announcement of the 1.27 patch on Twitter, one player expressed frustration over the lack of communication. “I have never experienced a dev team who bring in a patch that [breaks] a game and then ignores it for the majority who are affected by it,” they wrote.

Team Ninja replied, “Currently looking into what is causing this issue.”

Nioh 2 is meant to be a challenging game, and so crashes that erase progress right as you clear a mission are particularly discouraging. It’s good to know that the developers are aware of the problem, and we’re hopeful they’ll be able to roll out a hotfix soon.

In the meantime, if you’re not running into those issues, have a look at our guide to the best Nioh 2 PC settings for some tips on maintaining a steady 60 fps in those gruelling boss battles.