Nioh 2 hits Steam, immediately surpasses Dark Souls’ player count record

Despite some early tech issues, Nioh 2 is a hit on Steam

Nioh 2: The Complete Edition is now available on Steam, letting PC players in on one of the more well-loved non-Dark Souls Souls-likes. And it looks like players have been eager to make the jump, despite some technical issues with the launch. The Nioh 2 player count is reaching some impressive highs, surpassing even the game which inspired it.

Nioh 2 reached a peak of 31,684 players shortly after launch, as SteamDB shows, which puts it within Steam’s top 50, among some of the most venerable games on the platform. That’s well above either Dark Souls (11,259) or Dark Souls Remastered (24,501), though substantially below the record of Dark Souls 2 (79.528) or Dark Souls 3 (129,975). And it’s triple the record of the first Nioh, as well.

While Nioh 2 has proven popular on PC, the response has been mixed – literally, according to the 57% positive Steam reviews. Players are noting performance issues, crashes, and a lack of button prompts on keyboard and mouse. (That’s not ideal, sure, but come on – you’re already setting yourself up for a bad time if you’re playing a Souls-like without one of the best PC controllers.)

Hopefully a PC patch will address some of these issues – we were certainly having a rough time hitting big performance highs in our pre-release gameplay.

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