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No Man's Sky US street date broken, putting retail copies in the wild ahead of review code

No Man's Sky

Update August 5, 2016: Some retailers in the US have been breaking the street date for No Man's Sky, selling the space exploration game early to anyone willing to pay.

As for critics unable to access the offending stores, review code for No Man's Sky is expected to land on Monday, August 8, though that's only console - there's no word on PC code yet. 

For now, just explore the cosmos in our list of the best space games

The official line is that review code is awaiting a day one patch, so anyone who's playing it early is essentially playing an unfinished version of the game.

Kotaku reported that a store in New York had broken the street date, and suggest that's where Polygon got their hands on an early copy, which they've been streaming today. 

Original Story July 29, 2016: While the press are yet to get their hands on review code, retail copies of No Man's Sky are already out in the wild. Footage has been appearing online, though it's been swiftly dealt with, so far. No doubt soon it will get too much, though, so you'll be able to get a first glimpse at what the game is actually all about after all this time. 

One guy started by posting a video of him celebrating by popping open a bottle while the game installed on his PS4. 

He's since uploaded a video of the opening moments, which has been taken down, and also a video showing off an exploration of the initial planet, also taken down.

I caught the opening video and that showed thousands of stars zipping by before a white screen popped up. "Initialising" it says, before zooming down to whatever planet you start on and jumping straight into the game. 

There was no hint of a tutorial or anything - he was just dumped onto an arid planet and seemingly you're supposed to figure it out from there, which is cool. His ship was nearby, though it looked like it had seen better days, making it obvious that your first task should be to fix it up and get your man into the sky. 

Obviously it's difficult to tell much from that, but the art still looks incredible. It did look very much like a survival game, though. You know, that popular modern genre that's mega hit-or-miss. Hopefully this one's a hit. 

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Anakhoresis avatarmidimaker avatarAnAuldWolf avatarBelimawr avatarShriven avatar
Anakhoresis Avatar
1 Year ago

Well that's odd. I thought that the game was basically an always-online game, so I would have thought they would have setup their servers to deny outside connections.

So I guess it's not always online?

midimaker Avatar
1 Year ago

That's correct. You can choose to play it online or offline, the latter meaning that others don't see any first discoveries you make and vice versa.

Anakhoresis Avatar
1 Year ago

Gotcha! Thank you for the info!

Shriven Avatar
1 Year ago

So, no review copies out before copies appear on the street means the game is shit...historically.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

I've seen people refer to No Man's Sky as the space bit of Spore, but without the cool Adventures expansion. That's... not inaccurate from the leaked footage I've seen. It's very survival oriented. The creatures are neat, but that's about it. I'm not particularly inspired by it, sorry to say.

All it really made me want to do was replay a bit of Spore's Space Adventures stuff. And there I can have a rockin' hyper-futuristic spaceship without giant bloody glass windows, too.

Belimawr Avatar
1 Year ago

you could also make starbug and go kill everyone with it.

also how do you know the windows are glass? they could be special force fields.