No Man’s Sky base building mod tool makes perfect homes easy

A new No Man’s Sky base building tool makes it easier than ever to construct the perfect home in the space survival game, thanks to freeform construction tools

No Man's Sky base-building app - a recreation of the Iron Giant, crouched and looking down at a player in a cape

Building the perfect No Man’s Sky base just got a whole lot easier courtesy of a new base-building mod tool for the space game. Base-building, as a big part of the progression and No Man’s Sky endgame, is something that a lot of the player base clearly enjoys and takes very seriously, but it’s always been a little awkward trying to plan out your structures within the survival game itself. That’s all about to change.

The No Man’s Sky base-building app is a standalone tool created by Charlie ‘DjMonkey’ Banks, a developer working on indie survival game Tales From The Dancing Moon. It’s based on the sorts of construction you might expect to see in city-building games such as Cities: Skylines or even the likes of The Sims build mode. You can position, rotate, and scale all the usual base parts and place them however you wish in a 3D environment to put your base together.

The app is based on open-source 3D graphics tool Blender, but Banks notes that it has been purpose-built for No Man’s Sky, so it will be easy to pick up for players familiar with the game and there is no need to learn Blender skills to make use of it. You can export your current base from No Man’s Sky using the save editor, work on it in the app, and then import it back into the game once you’re happy with your creation.

It’s an incredibly powerful tool that should really help players to create the No Man’s Sky base of their dreams. The potential impact it might have is perhaps best summed up by No Man’s Sky creator Sean Murray, who simply tweets, “Holy moly” in response to a video of the base-building app in action.

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If you want to give the app a shot for yourself, you can get your hands on it at Nexus Mods. Banks comments that the app is “something very new, quite beta in fact,” meaning that users should expect some potential bugs and a few missing things compared to Blender itself out of the gate. Nevertheless, we’re sure many players will be eager to play around with the tool and start creating!

The No Man’s Sky 4.0 update, Waypoint, is described by creator Sean Murray as the game’s “biggest generational jump so far.” You can read our No Man’s Sky 4.0 interview with Murray to hear more about how much community passion drives the team. Meanwhile, the No Man’s Sky expeditions for 2022 are all making a return over the holiday period. If you’ve ever fancied jumping in for the first time, you can now play No Man’s Sky without a graphics card, so there’s never been a better time to take off on a new adventure.