No Man’s Sky is inspired by everything from Star Wars to Interstellar

When it comes to the inspiration from No Man's Sky, Sean Murray says he's drawn from sci-fi dating back decades

No Man’s Sky Beyond launches next week, the third ‘pillar’ in Hello Games’ huge space adventure. Its scale model of the universe lets players boldly go where literally no-one has gone before, pulling from decades of space-faring sci-fi.

In an interview with studio co-founder Sean Murray, the developer told PCGamesN that the inspiration for No Man’s Sky had come from all over the science-fiction canon. “The cool thing about sci-fi is that it’s lots of different things. It’s that feeling, if you’re watching 2001[: A Space Odyssey] – which is one of my favourite films – or Interstellar, there are those moments of going back to the space station, and seeing loads of people, and going off on adventures together.”

“To me, it fits, it’s all part of sci-fi. Sure, [No Man’s Sky] is hitting maybe more of the Star Wars-y type elements than 2001, but those things can exist in the same universe. You can go have those weird moments on your own, but then it almost lightens it. It’s nice to have those moments of contrast.”

While Murray lists several of the biggest and most successful space operas of the last 50 years among his favourite films, No Man’s Sky’s latest chapter, Beyond, isn’t just about capturing the scale of the stars. The new expansion lets you stay planetside as well, if that’s what you want, building everything from farms to factories, and even working Rocket League stadiums.

Admittedly, there’s not much Rocket League in Star Wars or any of Kubrick’s films, but if those stories can send people gallivanting around the galaxy, I reckon rocket-powered car football must be pretty simple fare for them.