No Man’s Sky graphics settings give you FOV and HUD control for purer vistas

No Man's Sky PC graphics 4k

No Man’s Sky has unlocked on Steam literally this very second, and with it some of the most beautiful vistas you’ll be afforded in a game – which will be a lot easier to enjoy with some PC exclusive settings.

Scratch another massive name off the upcoming PC games release hype list.

To help you appreciate those 4K landscapes you could find yourself wandering around, the PC version supports far greater graphical tinkering than its console counterpart, including FOV adjustments and the ability to disable the HUD.

The FOV sliders are a huge win for the game, as you can set your in-ship and on-foot FOVs independently. I must confess here that in my weakness earlier this week I grabbed the console version and it has a bad case of the “looking through a pair of Pringles tubes sellotaped to your eyes”.

Field of view can go to at least 100 on the PC sliders, whereas I must be trudging around with a definite sub-80, stumbling over rocks and permanently unaware of my peripheral surroundings.

There’s all the usual graphical settings to get excited about as well, full anti-aliasing, control over the game’s slightly unnerving load-on-distance generation detail, reflections and texture details too.

GeForce has already dipped in and grabbed some 4K screenshots as well, and I’m not saying I regret my decisions dear reader, but I have definitely made a mistake. Hope you enjoy your weekends with the game, I’ll be right here bringing you the news. Not crying.