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No Man’s Sky release date is June 24th, available to pre-order now

No Man's Sky release date pre-order

It seems like half the game is still a complete mystery, but if you’ve been charmed by the ambition of Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky, you can throw money down right now. Pre-orders are open, and that means we finally have a release date: June 24th. 

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The ambitious ‘do-whatever-you-want-in-space’ game will set you back £39.99 / $60.00, and can be ordered from Steam, GOG, and Humble right now. If you’re still in doubt as to what you’ll actually do in all that space, our recent hands-on reveals all.

The game will release on June 24th in the UK – No Man’s Sky’s home turf – but if you live in Europe you can get it two days early on June 22nd. And if you live in The Land of the Free (AKA USA) then you can get it even earlier on June 21st. That is many release dates.

If you like things a little more physical, Hello Games have teamed with iam8bit to create a merchandise store. Among their wares of t-shirts and prints you’ll find the ‘Explorer’s Edition’ of No Man’s Sky, which comes with a replica ship and a pin, along with a code to redeem the PC version of the game.

Explorers Edition

This week saw the internet whip itself into a frenzy after the PlayStation blog published a post that suggested No Man’s Sky pre-orders would be opening soon, but that information was quickly removed. That didn’t stop people jumping on the $60 price-tag though, which apparently some feel is entirely unjustified because the seemingly-huge-scale game is being developed by a tiny indie studio.

How excited for No Man’s Sky are you? Will you be dropping bank on a pre-order today?