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No Man’s Sky’s latest patch tweaks save system again, adding five save slots


No Man’s Sky continues to receive updates, the latest of which revises the save system to make managing saves between game modes easier (the game now has four modes of play – original, survival, permadeath, and creative).

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In Atlas Rises patch 1.38, you now have five save slots, each of which can be used for any mode. Each in turn has two sub-slots, one for autosaves and one for manual saves. Your existing saves will be mapped into these slots.

There are a number of other changes. Among the more significant are big upgrades to the Analysis Visor’s functionality: it can now determine the remaining growth time of farm plants or the class, type, and value of distant ships. There have also been some improvements to the simulation: in-flight weather effects now vary in strength based on your height, there’s a bigger temperature range on dead planets, and storms in certain biomes can now have more varied effects. There are also a couple of dozen bug fixes.

No Man’s Sky hashad a lot of patchessince the release of its big Atlas Rises expansion, which introduced a number of problems to the game alongside all its cool features. Thesave system has been a particular headache, with bugs swelling the size of save files, and even preventing players from saving at all after clocking exceptionally long hours.

Full details of the new patch, 1.38, are available here.