Every ramp procedural – land vehicles look likely for No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky land vehicles

No Man’s Sky’s first substantial update just landed, bringing base building and some other new features to the procedural space sim. Hello Games said at the time that it would lay the foundations for some future updates. Judging by some details uncovered by dataminers, at least one of the things in No Man’s Sky’s future are ground vehicles. 

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The No Man’s Sky Foundation Update just launched, and people have been digging into the files to see what secrets they contain.Redditor eegandj discovered some files with references to a buggy vehicle, tires, and tire tracks, suggesting we’ll all be bounding over procedurally-generated, craggy landscapes at some point in the future.

To lend some more credibility to the find, there’s even a mod that lets you look the model over in-game, though you won’t be getting in and driving it yet. It’s clearly not finished, as you can see in this video:

With base building just launching, players will likely be spending much more time with their feet planted now, so a quick way to zip about collecting resources will surely be welcome.

Thanks, Eurogamer.