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No Man's Sky officially delayed six weeks to August 9th

No Man's Sky delay

Update May 28, 2016: The delay has now been confirmed by Sony and Hello Games, with a new official release date of August 9 in the US, 10 in Europe and 12 in the UK.

With a post today on the Playstation Blog, Hello Games bossman Sean Murray has confirmed that, as reported by Kotaku earlier this week, No Man's Sky has been delayed. It will now launch six weeks later at the beginning of August. Due to retail release schedules still having affect, the dates are August 9 in the US, August 10 in most of Europe and August 12 in the United Kingdom.

No matter the wait, we’ll have the best space games ready for you at all times.

The six week delay comes from, as Murray puts it, a realisation that "some key moments needed extra polish to bring them up to our standards. I have had to make the tough choice to delay the game for a few weeks to allow us to deliver something special.

"We’re prepared to make the tough choices to get it right," he explains, also saying that "This is a type of game that hasn’t been attempted before, by a smaller team than anyone would expect, under an intense amount of expectation."

Murray also praises the development team, saying things are going extraoridinarily well considering the task they've set, and that everyone is doing a great job. As he puts it, "we get one shot to make this game and we can’t mess it up." It's a fair point, particularly with the whirlwind of hype and possible disappointment that's swirled around the game for the past couple of years. This is the game's first actual delay, as June 21 was its first proper release date, but it feels as if we've been waiting for it forever. Thankfully, in the best year of games we've ever seen, we'll have plenty to play while we wait.

Read the full statement on the Playstation blog, and strap in for August.

Original story May 26, 2016: A long strange trip would be the best way of describing No Man’s Sky’s various trials and tribulations on the way to release. Initially one of the most hyped games in the world, it has slowly dropped in public perception as understanding of what you do in the game - possibly not a whole lot - has deepened. With release on the horizon, currently officially June 21, it was an exciting prospect to see what the final version is like. Now, however, it’s looking like we might have to wait a bit longer.

Sources, cited by Kotaku, say that No Man’s Sky has been delayed, though no precise date was given beyond a July/August window. Kotaku describe one source as ‘reliable’ though don’t name their connection to the project, while another is a GameStop employee. The latter says that their store recently received point of sale marketing materials - that’s the cardboard signs you see everywhere in retail outlets - with the old release date on them. However, they were told to cover them up with “coming soon” stickers, as seen here:

No Man's Sky delay

As far as Sony and Hello Games go, they're currently not responding to requests for comment by us or Kotaku. Chances are, assuming this is true, an announcement is scheduled for some time before E3 as leaving it for the conference on Monday June 13 would be cutting it a little fine.

Perhaps more interesting would be the reasons for delay. It is almost certainly the biggest game coming out next month, unless you happen to be a particularly keen fan of Mirror’s Edge, so it’s unlikely to be a case of trying to get out of the way of other games that could overshadow it. A couple of months isn’t enough to make significant design changes, but it can clear bugs out of a game of this scale quite effectively, so perhaps it’s that. With No Man’s Sky’s long run-up to release, it can’t afford a problematic launch.

We’ll bring you more as it happens or if we receive responses to our requests for comment. What is your feeling on No Man’s Sky, all this time departed from that amazing reveal trailer?

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monkeyfritz avatarBigWelshMike avatarAnAuldWolf avatarAever avatar
BigWelshMike Avatar
1 Year ago

Thing is, even if it is delayed, no problem. There are plenty of great games to play and Hello Games is a small studio so anything unforeseen will take time to correct.

monkeyfritz Avatar
monkeyfritz(26 days 10 hours played)
1 Year ago


One badly photoshopped image.

One unknown source.

Posted after business hours to decrease odds of an official response.

Release date is still listed on every digital outlet.

A half dozen or more other gamestop employees and managers on reddit saying they never heard any of this.

(Seriously, it's a huge company, there would be more than one random guy who knew about it.)

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

Looks like your sources were right.

I hope one of the things they've spent extra time on this game with is ship variation. I try not to be grumpy about characterless, anachronistic jet fighters in space, but you have to understand that it's fatiguing when every single space shooter has those. Every one. Every. Single. One. You can't escape it. I like space games, I just want to embrace the future.

You know, that thing what where the spaceships actually be. Where you'd see technological advancement. When the Microsoft HoloLens looks like it has more and higher tech in it than an entire spaceship in most video games, something is incredibly wrong. It's just that people seem to have a sexual fetish for jet fighter cockpits, so there's never any variety.

We can't have shapeshifting spaceships with neural interfaces with an on-board factory pumping out nanocamera drones because that's just too futuristic and it would result in the privilege-fuelled hatred of 'WHERE MAH COCKPIT????'

If I ever see a video game where, after going to a personal room (bedroom, toilet, what have you), someone actually turns off the window there -- implying it was a hologram or a visual illusion created by augmented eyes, with a video feed coming from an outside camera -- I will actually jump up and down, cheering. No, I will, you don't understand.

I WANT SPACE FUTURE. God I so want space future. I'm tired of granddad space past. And I've got between four and five decades to my name all ready so I really shouldn't be the one complaining about granddad games.

I would run around in circles if I saw a spaceship that could morph itself in the fashion of Iron Man's bleeding edge armour (look it up).

Even Deus Ex is more futuristic than most space games, now.

Please, more spaceships, No Man's Sky. I want to play you but if you're just going to have granddad cockpits, I can't. I can't set eyes on another CRT. I'll cry. At least have some variety.

Edit: I forgot to add in that in many ways we already passed the tech in most science 'fiction' games a while ago. We've got windowless, robotic space planes now that are pretty much a prototype for safe human travel into space in the future.

If we have windowless, robotic space planes now. I don't understand why video games must continue to have the glass cockpit everywhere.

Really, is it actually a fetish? It seems to be.

Edit II: Didn't Titanfall even have this? The cockpit closes around the player, and then a holographic 360° view kicks in from camera feeds to show the pilot what's going on. I mean, if even Titanfall has this, why can't space video games?

I wouldn't go on about this so much if I hadn't seen No Man's Sky with glass cockpits all ready. I mean, it's bad enough in big, more mainstream games like Star Citizen, but for it to also be in indie games? I am so sick of the glass cockpit.

Aever Avatar
1 Year ago

Take as much time as needed, make the game at least a good deal of what it was promised to be.