Hello Games confirm short PC delay for No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky

Update August 3, 2016: There was recently some confusion about the PC release date for No Man’s Sky, as it had seemingly been changed from August 9 to August 12. We contacted Sean Murray at the time to confirm, but he’s just taken to Twitter to do just that. 

Though No Man’s Sky was supposed to release this coming Tuesday – in less than a week – it’s taken until now for Hello Games to confirm a short PC delay. 

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Sean Murray says that there are reasons the studio had to be tight lipped about the delay, leading many to believe that it’s something to do with the Sony PlayStation 4 deal, since that’s still due for an August 9 release.

However, in the series of tweets, Sean Murray hints at it being something to do with it being not quite ready.

We had expected something was amiss, seeing as there’s still no word on No Man’s Sky review code for PC. Let’s hope this is the last hiccup before the studio gets some much-needed time off.

Update August 3, 2016:Sean Murray tweeted that Hello Games have finished work on the first update to No Man’s Sky, adding “new features, balancing and content.”

The unluckiest studio in the world, Hello Games, were up until 5am last night finishing work on the first update to their new game after a week ofNo Man’s Skyleaked informationand drama overthe game’s length.

Founder and creator Sean Murray tweeted out this picture a few hours ago.

It proved a much-needed positive note for the official subreddit and general community after the weekend’s revelations about a leaked copy of the game. Some are hoping that this means the problems experienced by the person who acquired early access will be fixed, particularly the system he used to quickly farm resources and reach the center of the galaxy.

Murray hasn’t tweeted anything further, so we don’t know if this is a launch-day update or something set for further down the line. It being finished doesn’t mean immediately playable, as there could still be bug-fixing and tweaking to do, on top of certification processes.

Sadly the PC still sits three days behind, with launch due on August 12 rather than PS4’s August 9 and 10 depending on region. We’ll bring you more exact timing when we have it, though the normal Steam release time of 6pm British, 10am Pacific seems likely.

Update 11 Jul, 2016:Several tweets from Sean Murray of Hello Games have revealed some extra details about No Man’s Sky.

Tweeting from the official account, Sean Murray has mentioned both what Hello Games are currently working on, and how big the game is on the disc.

Here’s the tweets:

Release is still scheduled for August 9. Can it live up to the hype? We’ll find out in under a month.

Original story Jul 7, 2016:It’s actually happening. No more delays. No more natural disasters wiping away the work of Hello Games. No more angry internet plebs. Just a game about hopping between planets in a massive, shared universe. No Man’s Sky has finally been deemed worthy to be put on disc.

You can stop typing out that death threat to the Hello Games developers working to bring you this lovely-looking space game now. Everything is ready for the slightly delayed August 9 release.

Phasers set to stun, engines on, angry internet men stashed safely in a drawer. The launch sequence has been initiated.

Just look how happy their little faces are:

No Man's Sky

“It’s happened. No Man’s Sky just went gold,” said lead designer Sean Murray on Twitter. “I’m so incredibly proud of this tiny team. Four years of emotions.”

Who’s grabbing it day-one?