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No Man's Sky 1.03 pre-release patch fixes 30-hour exploit in expansion-sized update

No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky is mere days away from release and Hello Games have certainly not been sat on their laurels after sending the game away for certification.

Still can't wait until August 12? Right, get into these excellent space games for PC and we'll see you in a few.

In patch notes for the update due to go live on PC and PS4 this week, Sean Murray has laid out what he envisions as being the first of many free updates expanding and improving the highly awaited game.

One of the most important changes in the notes of version 1.03 is that the team has recognised a method one player who got the game early was using to get to the centre of the universe in around 30 hours as an exploit and removed it from the game.

In the patch notes, Murray noted: "infinite warp cell exploit and rare goods trading exploit among other[s] removed. People using these cheats were ruining the game for themselves, but people are weird and can’t stop themselves ¯\_(シ)_/¯"

Other things the player that used this exploit noted, such as a baffling lack of inventory capacity in your ship itself, have also been addressed by the team, proving good things can come out of pre-release leaks.

The patch also adds more content, via increasing the variation and diversity of life that can be generated as well as increasing galaxy sizes by ten times.

Space station interiors now have more options, such as bars or hydroponic labs, and more ships are available to the player for purchase.

The upgrades don't stop at launch, either, as Murray said future updates will bring massive gameplay changes such as base building and the ability to own large shipping frigates, too.

Here is the complete list of the new features to expect when you get your hands on the game at launch. Beware, there are some minor spoilers, so if you want to go in fresh just know that lots of good stuff has been fixed in this patch.

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am0eba avatarAnAuldWolf avatarholmesc avatarNihlusGreen avatarBilly1234 avatar
am0eba Avatar
1 Year ago

If "good things can come out of pre-release leaks", just imagine what beta tests could achieve!

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

Or demos, which allow people to test the mechanics for issues before the game comes out. What a crazy concept!

A crazy concept that Playtonic put to good use with the Yooka-Laylee toybox and that really worked out for them. It helped them get a lot of good information on how people played and approached the game. Quite clever, really. Shame we've never had anything else like it before. No, never. Not at any point throughout history.

You'd think demos would be more important than ever, now, right? Along with betas, yes. And basically any system that allows the developers to get feedback on their game in a prerelease state.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

Shouldn't that be their choice, though? I hate it when developers are like this, when they put on airs and act like you have to play the game their way or no way. That's ridiculous. It's not like this is exactly an MMO or anything.

It's one of the reasons I miss opt-in patches. I think that Steam would win a lot of brownie points by actually allowing one to choose the patches one wants. I know this is a prerelease patch, but it just pushes a button.

"Oh no. Players are playing the way they want to play, and they just can't help themselves! Wouldn't it be better if we were all Borg?"

I really hate that attitude. Just another nail in the coffin, really. I'll be avoiding No Man's Sky like the plague. I prefer Starbound, which allows me to tailor my experience without having someone creepily breathing hot air upon my neck, watching me whilst I play, and dictating what I can or cannot do.

So it's certainly not this person's sky. That'd be Starbound, which even lets me take the ridiculous structural weaknesses out of spaceships. Starbound's my sky. And I can only imagine it will be for some time yet.

Billy1234 Avatar
1 Year ago

You were making a solid point until you mentioned starbound. Lol.

holmesc Avatar
1 Year ago

Bruh y so butt hurt

NihlusGreen Avatar
1 Year ago

I don't think it's that extreme, but as always play how and what you like.