No Man’s Sky’s subreddit is trying to get Sean Murray to talk via cancer fundraising

No Man's Sky

To celebrate a lack of communication from Hello Games for a solid 90 days following the launch of No Man’s Sky, the space game’s subreddit is fundraising for Cancer Research in a bid to get Sean Murray’s attention. What do you mean it makes no sense?

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The campaign,No Man’s Sky’s Journey to Stop Cancer, has already raised £340 of its £500 goal, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it went way past that, considering the Reddit upvotes. You can also donate at that link.

The plan is to raise some money so hopefully senpai notices them and finally explains why his game was not good.

If Sean Murray doesn’t speak up by the 110th day – in around two weeks – they will murder some puppies (they won’t actually murder some puppies). They will, however, turn the subreddit into a Sean Murray parody, “or something along those lines” – a quote which could easily lead to escalation, and puppy murder.

One redditor even said they will donate $400 to Cancer Research if Murray speaks up in the next two months, making it so Murray is essentially blocking their Cancer Research funding with his silence. Meanwhile,another compares Murray’s silence to their father leaving them as a child.

Someone else has even gone as far as building a fully functional Flash game to satirise No Man’s Sky. It’s actually quite fun, but things are certainly taking a strange turn.

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