No Man's Sky was on The Late Show, and Stephen Colbert now has his own solar system | PCGamesN

No Man's Sky was on The Late Show, and Stephen Colbert now has his own solar system

No Man's Sky on The Late Show

Hello Games’ Sean Murray went onto The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on the weekend, with No Man’s Sky in tow. Colbert attempted to wrap his head around the procedural generation, while Murray took him on a whirlwind tour of a single, rather diverse solar system. 

Put the video in your eyeballs below. 

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It’s nothing we haven’t seen from No Man’s Sky so far, with Murray mostly wandering around, naming stuff and occasionally shooting innocent plants, but it’s at least another excuse to stare at the game’s gorgeous, colourful planets. 

And unfortunately even Colbert couldn’t get a release date out of them. 

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Esivo avatarAnakhoresis avatarninjaSebree avatarLolssi avatar
Esivo Avatar
2 Years ago

This was pretty amazing. Must have been the first time a developer showed up in a show like that. At least first time I seen it. Kudos to Stephen Colbert for handling it with respect and not making fun of the whole affair.

Anakhoresis Avatar
2 Years ago

This definitely looks pretty cool, except for the part where as far as I understand, there's not really any way to hook up with a friend, which is rather sad and seems like a missed opportunity. Exploring is cool and all, but exploring with a friend or friends? With this sort of scale it would be grand! Correct me if I'm wrong so I can be somewhat excited for this.

ninjaSebree Avatar
2 Years ago

It seems that way, but I am sure they will implement a party system and you just meetup at a certain solar system. It will be in high demand if something like that isn't in upon release.

Lolssi Avatar
2 Years ago

If everything is created on real-time and not saved anywhere how could you ever encounter planet someone else has named?