No Man's Sky won't be infinite, but it might as well be

No Man's Sky

Skyrim is big. Grand Theft Auto V is big. Dragon Age Inquisition is big. No Man’s Sky is cosmically vast. It’s so huge, that it might as well be infinite given our fleeting, mortal lives. 

Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray told IGN that the team started with a 32 bit number, which meant that it would take explorers around four or five thousand years to visit every planet - and that’s only if they spent a second on each world. 

That wasn’t big enough for them, though. 

Perhaps Hello Games subscribe to the theory that we are now witnessing the generation who will live indefinitely. So maybe, probably not, but maybe someone might just be able to visit all of those worlds. 

Bugger that, they presumably said while staring out at the night sky. So they decided to use a 64 bit number to create their procedural universes. 

Murray said that it would take a player around five billion years to explore the universe, again only spending a second on each planet. If, somehow, someone was planning on living for that length of time, and only playing No Man’s Sky, pissing, shiting and eating at their desk, the sun would die out before they could finish. 

The scale is technically impressive, if somewhat unnecessary. And it ensures that obsessive completionists will find their nemesis. 

Hopefully the PS4 exclusive deal will run out before the death of the sun. 

Cheers, IGN.

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brj3 Avatar
3 Years ago

On a practical level the game is only as large as the individual planets are varied. If things turn out like Borderlands with the "bazillion" guns crap where most of the guns were just the same dozen or so models with color changes and minor stat tweaks the game will still feel small. From what I've seen the planets are mainly differentiated by biome, topography, and wildlife. That is only a minor step up from what a game like minecraft gives you every time you generate a world.

UntoldAv3nGer Avatar
3 Years ago

It is much bigger, but do not expect the same level of quality and detail as Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto have. Especially not with the randomly generated worlds and solar systems.

TsunamiWombat Avatar
TsunamiWombat(2 hours played)
3 Years ago

I'm not sure i'd point out SKYRIM as an exemplar of quality but yes, this is true. It's 100% procedurally generated, so it's not like they're hand building. Even so with that kind of scale, there's bound to be countless gems amidst a sea of dross planets

Saiph Avatar
3 Years ago

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