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No Man’s Sky update turns the space game into Firefly

No Man's Sky patch 3.05, the Outlaws update, brings piracy, criminal star systems, better combat, smuggling, and dashing capes to Hello Games' hit

A Firefly-like ship prepares for a life of piracy in the No Man's Sky Outlaws update

The new No Man’s Sky Outlaws update has arrived, bringing with it a load of new features to let players become a dashing intergalactic smuggler – and turning a great space game into the ultimate Firefly space pirate game.

The No Man’s Sky patch 3.85 is out now, and it’s the biggest update the PC game has had since either Sentinel or when Hello Games turned it into Dune last Halloween. No Man’s Sky now has outlaw systems with shady deals and opportunities for piracy, including smuggling across star systems just like Han Solo or Mal Reynolds. If it goes wrong, however, expect the Sentinels to blow you out of the sky.

Space combat has also been rebalanced, along with an overhaul of various explosion effects to really enhance the Star Wars feel. You can now dogfight on the surface of planets, too, and create your own squadron of pilots to fly or fight with you at any time – and you can even upgrade, customise, and train your various wingmen. Players can now own up to nine starships, and upgrade them with bigger cargo holds to, well, hold more cargo.

In keeping with the theme, Hello Games also says that the next No Man’s Sky story-based Expedition is “commencing soon” and will be called ‘Blighted’. This will see players racing against a group of pirates called The Blight in search of a mysterious treasure. Sea of Thieves in space, or an actual Firefly/Serenity game? We’ll take it.

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There are capes, too – did we mention there are capes? Well, there are capes.

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