No Man’s Sky Polestar Expedition is underway

The eighth No Man's Sky community expedition, Polestar puts you at the helm of a massive capital ship as the captain of an interstellar cruise

No Man's Sky Polestar Expedition: An astronaut in a blue uniform shields their eyes from a partial eclipse as they cross the exterior hull of a large frigate

Assemble your crew and get ready for another long voyage across the stars: No Man’s Sky’s Polestar Expedition is now underway. It’s the space game’s eighth official community expedition, and there are unique rewards to earn as the captain of one of No Man’s Sky’s biggest shipping frigates.

The expedition comes hot on the heels of the No Man’s Sky Endurance update, which adds all kinds of nice customisation options for capital ships. Now you can add portholes and observation decks to your larger vessels, which is perfect for transforming a ho-hum old barge into a luxury cruise ship.

Over the course of the Polestar expedition, you’ll need to repair the unique technology found on your shipping freighter, which in turn will reveal more about its current predicament and how it arrived under your command.

The Polestar Expedition runs now until September 21, but once you’ve completed all the milestones, you can now end the expedition early and convert your Polestar progress into a normal save file. That’ll happen automatically when the expedition ends, but now you’ve got the option of taking care of it as soon as you finish up.

Completing expedition milestones will earn you some cool new rewards: there are some nice posters to hang in your ship’s wardroom or your base, a swirly high-gravity freighter tail, and a very fetching fleet commander’s cape that features a large gold compass rose. You can also unlock a Child of Helios companion, which looks like the ghost of a wise space jellyfish.

The update on Steam has the full details on the Polestar Expedition. The trip has begun, but you’ve got six whole weeks to finish it up.