Prepare for an infinite journey through the cosmos with the 10-track No Man’s Sky OST

No Man's Sky

When you’re hopping between infinite planets, travelling slowly towards the center of the galaxy through ever-expanding, procedurally-generated space, you’re going to want something substantial – other than alien whale noises – in your ears. That’s why the whopping ten-track No Man’s Sky OST is releasing just before the game. Listen to it on repeat before jumping in the cockpit, so it’s not so alien.

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No Man’s Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe will be available on double CD, a ten-track double vinyl complete with a download link to a further six ethereal soundscapes, or there’s a deluxe collector’s edition vinyl that comes with all ten tracks and soundscapes. The OST will also be available on streaming services.

“Being involved with No Man’s Sky is as unlikely as it is exciting, says the band. “Two years of our lives have disappeared into a black hole and we’ve been spat out into another dimension.

“The project has pushed us to explore new processes and techniques, to rethink our relationship with our own music and to essentially soundtrack every narrative thread of a ‘choose your own adventure’ novel that exists only in our minds. We’re really proud of the results, and can’t wait to release the album and play it live.”

The OST, by UK instrumental band 65daysofstatic, launches (releases) into orbit (shops) on June 17. If you want a taster, you can listen to one of the tracks, called Supermoon, for free on Soundcloudnow.