No Man’s Sky players construct an incredible cyberpunk city

Replicant City is a heck of an achievement

Over the years, No Man’s Sky has evolved into a pretty robust game with an ever-increasing array of features to let players express themselves. The base-building tools introduced in the Foundation update already allow for plenty of freedom, but a group of players have gone even further than we thought possible with a massive cyberpunk city.

The Replicant City video, which you can see below, offers a suitably impressive tour of a neon-soaked construction. The group of players who built it – ER Burroughs, Action Pants Gaming, JC Hysteria, and Boid Gaming – plan to release coordinates after No Man’s Sky: Beyond launches later this week, so that you can get the proper experience in VR.

Unfortunately, Replicant City was built on PlayStation 4, which will make it a bit more troublesome for PC players to see it first-hand – and it made the city pretty tough to build in the first place. The construction relies on glitch building, which allows you to crunch objects together for more detailed creations, but that puts a real strain on the game.

“As a group, we tend to all have grandiose ideas, that…our PS4s just can’t handle,” ER Burroughs says (via Polygon). “We often overbuild, then reduce the number of parts, down to what is only necessary to convey the idea.”

Check it out in the video above.

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