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Noah's lark: Cat Simulator to be the "premiere next-gen cat simulation"

Cat Simulator promises to be your first next-gen stop for accurate cat simulation.

Given the growing popularity of agricultural experiences on Steam, the relative dearth of realistic animal simulators - from the other side of the fence, as it were - is somewhat surprising. Here’s another, though. To Shelter’s harrowing portrayal of badger parenthood, and Goat Simulator’s tale of a misunderstood monster, add Cat Simulator - “the world’s first next-gen cat simulation”.

Cat Simulator is a third-person “cat game” in the process of being Kickstarted by Toronto’s pragmatically-named Game Teams Studio. Though as their pitch video demonstrates, they don’t necessarily have an awful lot to show for it yet.

The current alpha represents several months’ work in Unity toward building the “premiere next-gen cat simulation” - replete with rat and mice chasing, tree-climbing, eating, sleeping, and defecating.

With $20,000, Game Teams suggest they can finish the thing: with “more realistic” art, customisable cats, different breeds, “other animal friends” - and the now Kickstarter-standard Oculus Rift support.

Pitch video aside, the Kickstarter campaign is played absolutely straight - probably for the best, given the game’s central conceit reads like a big larf. Is it just that - a 3am joke taken too far? Or did you find slapstick fun in Goat Sim?

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Shriven avatarJeremy Peel avatarJulian Benson avatarCormorant avatarRealo Foxtrot: Kitten avatar
Shriven Avatar
3 Years ago

Jeremy, when your on shift the terrible headline pun ratio skyrockets. I approve.

Jeremy Peel Avatar
3 Years ago

Hrrm. The word 'ratio' suggests some news posts DON'T have terrible headline puns. Must work harder.

Julian Benson Avatar
3 Years ago

This gives me paws for thought. I will endeavor to claw my ratio up, maybe even catapult it into the same region as Jeremy.

Shriven Avatar
3 Years ago

You better go all the way with it and not..Puss out.. on us..

Cormorant Avatar
3 Years ago

I look forward to the inevitable Dead Horse Simulator.

Realo Foxtrot: Kitten Avatar
3 Years ago

Fraud Warning Bells.

Bad animations linked with Maya-only rendering. completely different footage from what they are showing in engine.

No prototype either. just a load of animations running in unity

Price is another point. These people don't seem to understand that you can't simply make a game like this for $20'000. showing that they are also inexperienced (probably a uni-team).

Be Warned. High chance of loosing your money if you back this