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This website lets you fly around classic game levels in your browser

Fly through some of gaming's greatest hits

Usually, we can only explore game locations through the perspective of whatever character we’re playing. Sometimes, there’s a ‘noclip’ cheat to let us break the bonds of gaming physics and explore however we want, but not every title offers that option. Luckily, there’s at least one more option now – a website full of levels for you to freely explore.

Noclip.website features levels pulled out of dozens of classics – predominantly Nintendo titles, though you’ll find a handful of others, like Dark Souls, included on the list. The levels load up inside your browser, and you’ve got full control with WASD and mouse look to fly around and check out every nook and cranny of the levels in question.

The site is built from game files directly mined out of the originals, so everything is there just as you’d remember it, aside from the placement of NPCs and items. The creator, who can be found as JasperRLZ on Twitter, has made plenty of other interesting datamining efforts on these games which you can find on that social media feed.

The project is open source and viewable via GitHub.

If you’re waiting for the site to load – the files are naturally very large – you can see some clips via Fabraz on Twitter, which is how we first came across the site.

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I will never not appreciate the new perspectives on old games we get from these community projects and massive modding efforts. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to fritter away the rest of the workday by flying circles around Delfino Plaza. (Don’t tell my editors.) While I fly away, you should check out the best io games to play in your web browser.