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Here at PCGamesN.com we write about all things PC gaming, including news, features, guides, reviews and more. We cover everything that we think is or might be interesting to PC players, big or small, old or new. We've a large and dedicated editorial staff, and we're always looking to make the site and our coverage better for our audience.

Contact us

There are a fair few of us, but just a couple of email addresses should get you to the right place.

Editorial Director - for whatever, although he's both busy and grumpy. That said, he'll only fob it off on someone else anyway.
Joel Gregory
[email protected]

Deputy Editors - for feature pitches, general site stuff, or anything else if the above is away.
Ben Maxwell - features, evergreen content, cycling in midsummer.
[email protected]
Julian Benson - news, hardware, eating hearts.
[email protected]

News Editor - for story leads, corrections, comments, etc; basically anything news-related.
Richard Scott-Jones
[email protected]

Hardware Editor - for, you guessed it, all things hardware
Dave James
[email protected]

Channel Editor - for anything to do with video
Alice Liguori
[email protected]

You can also hit us up on Twitter or Facebook, or leave your comments on our stories. Or come see us!

Office address: PCGamesN, Circus Mews House, Circus Mews, Bath, BA1 2PW
Tel: 01225 475 884


Network N

Network N

PCGamesN.com is part of Network N, a group of the biggest and best PC games sites.

Network N* delivers over 200m page views per month across other sites like SteamProfile.com, MinecraftGallery.com, BluesNews, Can You Run It, SteamCharts.com and Steam.Tools.

If you want to advertise your PC games to the fastest growing and most engaged groups of PC gamers online, then we can help. 

Targeted advertising
* Global or geo-targeted campaigns including takeovers and skins
* Advertising can be weighted to particular themes and genres
* Creative campaigns can include content promotion, competitions and game key giveaways

Delivered multiple advertising campaigns for 30+ clients including…
* Publishers: Blizzard, EA, Sega, 2K, NCSoft, Ubisoft
* Indies: Paradox, Rebellion, Iceberg, Firefly, Introversion
* Hardware: Alienware, Nvidia, Turtle Beach 

Want to learn more about advertising? Drop Andrew an email...
[email protected]

Want to join the PC Games Network? We're normally invitation only, but say hi to Matthew if you're curious...
[email protected]


We’re continually expanding our operation, whether on PCGamesN itself or the wider network, and regularly have openings in editorial, sales, operations, and more. Click through to see our current job vacancies.

Legal bit

Check all the legal stuff here.  PCGamesN and partner features often include affiiate links. We take commissions from these. Any content that is client funded or has had client right of approval is flagged as partner or sponsor content.

 *The N stands for Network. So we’re technically Network Network. The joke wore thin even before we launched. Sorry.